Submitting PBS and RPBS stationery order forms

You can submit your order forms for PBS and RPBS stationery through HPOS or by email.

You can download some stationery online, but you have to submit order forms for other stationery through HPOS or by email. Read more about how to get your stationery.

To order you’ll need:

To order your stationery, type your details on the order form and then either:

Make sure you:

  • type in your details. We’ll return any handwritten, incomplete or poor quality forms to you
  • include an email contact on your order form
  • have registered your practice location and delivery address with us.

If you need personalised PBS and RPBS prescription pad stationery, we’ll get your details from your order form.

Update your delivery address and provider location

You can update your delivery address in HPOS. You can also email or call the Medicare Provider Team.

If you call, we’ll ask you some questions to identify you and go through a validation process.

We can send your stationery order to your practice location or to a PO Box registered with us.

To update your provider location you need to apply for a new Medicare provider number.

Return unused PBS stationery

Use the arrange return of PBS stationery for secure destruction form to return unwanted or unused PBS stationery. Your forms will be collected and then securely destroyed.

Page last updated: 25 February 2019

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