PBS approved supplier

Approved suppliers can be an approved pharmacist, approved medical practitioner or approved hospital authority.

Pharmacy approvals are transferring to Health From 1 January 2019, the Department of Health (Health) will be responsible for PBS pharmacy approvals. We’ll start transitioning pharmacy approvals from 11 December 2018. From this date, you should send all pharmacy approval requests and queries directly to Health.

We’ll continue managing applications for PBS online claiming, including PKI certificates, ABN and tax invoice agreements, and PBS claims and payments. The PBS stationery ordering process will remain the same. To read more about these changes and the PBS approved suppliers, including where to send pharmacy applications, go to Health’s website.

Please lodge pharmacy approval applications and change of detail requests with Health.

You can email any questions about pharmacy approvals to pbsapprovedsuppliers@health.gov.au. Please don’t send applications by email, instead use Health’s portal on their website. Applications are too large to submit by email and might not get through. 


What you need to know

Approved suppliers supply pharmaceutical benefit items or repatriation benefit items from a properly written prescription.

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Become an approved PBS supplier

Pharmacists, medical practitioners and hospital authorities now apply to become an approved suppler through the Department of Health.

Read more about becoming an approved PBS supplier

Register for online claiming for PBS

Pharmacists, medical practitioners and hospital authorities cam apply for online claiming for the PBS.

Read more about registering for online claiming for PBS

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