PBS Safety Net thresholds

The PBS Safety Net thresholds are the thresholds your customers need to reach before accessing PBS medicines even cheaper. They’re updated on 1 January.

The current thresholds for 2019 are:

  • $1,550.70 for general customers
  • $390 for concession card holders.

The table below shows how much customers have to pay before and after they reach the threshold.

Rates for 2019

General customer

Commonwealth concessional entitlement card holder

Contribution before reaching the applicable PBS Safety Net threshold

Up to $40.30

Up to $6.50

PBS Safety Net Threshold

Concessional Safety Net $1,550.70

Entitlement Safety Net $390.00

PBS Safety Net prescription contribution



If your customer chooses a more expensive brand of medicine, they may need to pay more. The extra amount won't count towards their PBS Safety Net threshold.

Your customers can keep a record of their PBS medicines and medicines dispensed at outpatient pharmacies in public hospitals using a prescription record form. There are 2 types of prescription record forms:

Read more about PBS Safety Net stationery and forms.

The PBS Safety Net rate

You need to charge the first PBS medicine that puts your customer over the threshold at the reduced rate.


A customer who is a general patient, gives you a prescription to fill. The medicine will cost $15.50. Their prescription record form is $10 under the general threshold amount. The cost of the medicine you supply puts them over the threshold. You issue them with a PBS Safety Net concession card and charge them the PBS Safety Net concession rate.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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