How we make PIP payments

We calculate payments and pay them retrospectively each quarter.


We make payments electronically to the account nominated. Payments don’t attract goods and services tax (GST).

To qualify for payments, practices must:

  • have their application approved
  • be eligible for the PIP
  • meet the eligibility requirements of the incentives for the entire quarter, including the point in time dates

Practices are eligible from the date of approval - not from the date they submitted their application.

Annual confirmation statements

In May each year we’ll send an annual confirmation statement to practices participating in the PIP.

Practices need to complete their annual confirmation statement before PIP payments can be released.

We send the confirmation statement through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) or mail, to all approved practices, unless approved during the payment quarter. Practices should get their confirmation statement by the end of May each year. If you haven’t got it by the due date, call the Incentive Programs enquiry line.

Practices need to confirm their details, including any changes in practice arrangements, in the confirmation statement to get their payment.

An authorised contact person or practice owner must complete the confirmation statement.

There are 2 ways practices can confirm their confirmation statements, including any changes to practice arrangements:

  • through HPOS by 31 July, or
  • by faxing the completed statement and changes to practice arrangements to Incentive Programs for manual processing by 24 July

We’ll withhold the practice’s payments if a practice doesn’t return a fully completed confirmation statement by the point in time. Payments will continue to be withheld until the confirmation statement has been returned. We’ll assess the confirmation statement for payment when we get it. 

Withheld payments

We may withhold payments for a number of reasons including:

  • the practice no longer employs a general practitioner or nurse practitioner
  • there’s been a change of practice ownership and we haven’t got all the details to finalise the change
  • non-compliance
  • the practice’s accreditation has expired
  • the practice has relocated and not provided an accreditation certificate for the new practice location
  • the practice didn’t achieve accreditation within 12 months of joining the PIP
  • there are significant changes in practice details
  • the practice or providers don’t have the required insurances
  • there are incomplete or inaccurate practice details, or
  • we didn’t get the practice’s completed confirmation statement in the required time

If we’ve withheld your practice’s payment we’ll tell you what information we need to release your payment.

If we’ve withheld payments for 3 consecutive payment quarters, the practice’s incentive payments will stop. We’ll withdraw the practice from the PIP and you’ll need to reapply. Any withheld payments will be forfeited.

If your practice reapplies for the PIP, payments will start from the payment quarter following the date the practice has met all eligibility requirements and is approved for the PIP.

Recovery of payments

Your practice will get a payment advice outlining the practice and payment details after each PIP payment. You should check that your PIP payment advice is correct.

We or the Department of Health may seek to recover PIP payments if:

  • an administrative error has caused incorrect payments to be made
  • your practice has made false or misleading claims, or
  • your practice doesn’t tell us about any changes that affect your eligibility to get PIP payments

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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