Practice Incentives Program guidelines

Your obligations

Eligibility for payments under the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) depends on practices meeting their obligations for the PIP.

Keeping practice information up to date

The practice must:

  • be able to prove its claims for payment
  • provide accurate information to the Department of Health as part of their audit program to demonstrate the practice meets the PIP eligibility requirements
  • keep a copy of all documents relating to the PIP requirements for a minimum of 6 years
  • confirm all details in the annual confirmation statements are correct
  • tell us about changes to practice arrangements within 7 days or at least 7 days before the relevant point in time date, whichever date is first

Changes to practice arrangements can include:

  • practitioners leaving or joining the practice
  • changes to the authorised contact person for the practice
  • changes to the practice’s bank account
  • changes to practitioner’s bank account
  • changes in accrediting agency or accreditation status, such as the practice achieving accreditation or the accreditation lapsing
  • changes to the practice location, ownership or amalgamations
  • lapses in the practice’s public liability insurance or an individual practitioner’s professional indemnity cover
  • changes that affect eligibility for individual incentives
  • changes in practitioner details
  • extensions to provider numbers allocated by Medicare with an end date
  • any other information that may affect program eligibility
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