Practice Incentives Program

Practice accreditation for PIP

Practices must be accredited, or registered for accreditation, to participate in the PIP.

To participate in the PIP, practices must be assessed by an approved Accrediting body. For a list of approved accrediting bodies visit the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website.

Accreditation involves:

  • self-assessment against agreed standards
  • peer review surveys (practice visits) of the practice's organisation and facilities, and
  • the start of a continuous quality improvement cycle

A practice is accredited on successful completion of the peer review survey.

Practices that use the services of medical deputising services to meet their accreditation requirements and related obligations under the PIP can only do so if the medical depustising service itself is registered for accreditation, or is fully accredited as a medical deputising service as defined by the RACGP guidelines.

The practice is responsible for notifying us when they have been fully accredited.

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