Linking your RA number to your practice profile

Link your PRODA account to your practice to access Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Online or Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP) Online.

Your Registration Authority (RA) number can be updated by:

  • an authorised contact
  • or a practice owner with their RA number linked to the practice.

You can complete the registration process through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS):

  • select PIP or PNIP
  • select the Practice Staff System option from the main menu
  • select the staff member who’s RA number is being updated.

For help linking your PRODA account number to the practice:

  • write to us using your practice letterhead, including your PIP or PNIP practice ID and name
  • call us.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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