Types of payments

There are 3 types of payments under PIP.

  1. Practice payments are made to practices and focus on aspects of general practice that contribute to quality care
  2. Service incentive payments are generally made to GPs to recognise and encourage the provision of specified services to individual patients. The Cervical Screening, Asthma and Diabetes incentives have service incentive payment components, and the Aged Care Access Incentive is a service incentive payment only
    Service incentive payments are automatically paid to a nominated GP's account. If the GP's banking details are not available, we will send a service incentive payment banking details form to the GP's main PIP practice location. Service incentive payments are calculated on GPs' Medicare Benefits Schedule billing information, so it is important to bill for the correct item numbers under each incentive
  3. Rural loading payments are made automatically to practices whose main practice location is outside a capital city or other major metropolitan centre

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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