Simplified Billing and ECLIPSE

Medical and eligibility user guide for medical practitioners

Some of the benefits of using Electronic Claim Lodgement and Information Processing Service Environment include:

Some of the benefits of using ECLIPSE include:

  • faster resolution of claims
  • less manual intervention - fewer errors, quicker resolutions
  • clearer error messages with a single point of contact for fixing problems
  • online patient verification of Medicare enrolment and private health insurer membership
  • no more claims batching
  • 1 system for all private health insurers
  • no transaction costs for medical claiming
  • all-in-1 area for claiming
  • overseas claiming
  • online eligibility check of the patient's status with Medicare and their private health insurer and to obtain an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses

Refer to the Medical and Eligibility User Guide for Medical Practitioners - ECLIPSE for further information.

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