Doing business online for health professionals

We offer a range of online business solutions that can save you time and paperwork, and help you to receive payments faster.

Online solutions

Using electronic channels you can:

  • lodge Medicare and Department of Veterans' Affairs claims with us and with private health insurers
  • lodge bulk bill, private patient and In-patient Medical Claims
  • notify the Australian Immunisation Register of immunisation information
  • do Online Patient Verification
  • determine out-of-pocket costs for hospital procedures

You may also consider using the easy option of Online Patient Verification to check the validity of your patients' Medicare numbers. You can also check the status of their claims at any time. Plus, claims lodged online are processed a lot faster.

Register to do business online

To do business online, you must first register. You only need to do this once. Then you can submit any type of online transmission from any location that has online solutions.

You will also need to apply for a Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Site Certificate, which allows you to securely do your electronic business with us.

You will need to check with your software vendor offering Aged Care Online Claiming or software vendor offering Medicare online claiming to ensure your software is compatible and that they can support the functions you require for example, bulk bill or private patient claims.

Register for online claiming

As a health professional, you can register for online claiming. Complete and fax the online agreement to the eBusiness Service Centre.

You must be registered before you can submit any transactions online. Make sure you have completed the Online Claiming Provider Agreement form before making your first online transmission.

If you need help completing your online claiming registration, call the eBusiness Service Centre.

If you are registering on behalf of the health professionals in your practice, you need their consent to do so and to access their Medicare records. The health professional must sign the relevant online agreement.

Maintaining online claiming registration details

It is important to keep your details, including address and phone numbers, up to date.

You can easily do this in HPOS or with Banking Details Online Claiming form. Complete and fax to the eBusiness Service Centre. Alternatively, you can call the eBusiness Service Centre.

Registration checklist

To connect your practice online with us, make sure:

  • you have an internet connection
  • your software vendor has confirmed the operating system your location uses is compatible to do business with us online
  • your software vendor has confirmed that your software will have all the online functionalities you require, for example, bulk bill and private patient claims
  • you have a Medicare PKI Site Certificate CD ready for installation, if not already installed. If you have not previously registered, register online for your Medicare PKI Site Certificate
  • you have received the personal identification code (PIC) for your Medicare PKI Site Certificate. You must keep your original PIC in case you need to re-enter this information
  • all health professionals at your practice have completed the Online Claiming Provider Agreement form and have printed, signed and return it to us

Checklist for changing multiple provider location ID registration details

You can change nominated location IDs for multiple health professionals who transmit claims through Medicare online.

Step 1

Draft a letter to send to all health professionals and make sure you:

  • include changes being made to the health professional’s registration
  • advise health professionals that we will not change any banking details unless they give us written authority
  • allow time for health professionals to contact the organisation or us if they have questions about the suggested change
  • include the organisation's CEO signature

Step 2

Send a letter to all health professionals whose location ID registration details will change and email a copy to

Step 3

Email the change of location ID registration request to including:

  • a list of all health professionals including their provider number and addresses
  • the expected date of effect for us to agree to

Step 4

Respond to the location ID registration email request as we will confirm that the proposed date of effect is acceptable, or explain why the proposed date of effect is not acceptable.

If a provider is changing bank account details, this can be easily updated in HPOS or by updating the Online Claiming Provider Agreement form and return it to us.

Contact information

For further information about Online registration, PKI Site Certificates and Changing multiple provider location ID registration details contact the eBusiness Service Centre.

Page last updated: 4 July 2018