DVA program information for health professionals

Information for health professionals who treat veteran patients or work with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) programs.

We process claims for veterans in collaboration with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). We assess claims and make payments to medical, hospital and allied health providers who treat eligible veterans, their spouses and dependents.

Read more about how DVA assesses veterans' eligibility on the DVA website.

DVA Webclaim

DVA Webclaim is a stand alone, real time claim channel that allows providers to submit claims online through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). Read more about submitting DVA Webclaims using HPOS.

DVA dental, optical and allied health claims can be submitted now. From 1 July 2015, medical providers will also have access to this channel. DVA Webclaim does not require any paper to submit a claim. Statements and claims history reports are available to view online. Read more about DVA Webclaim on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

To use DVA Webclaim, health professionals require an Individual Public Key Infrastructure certificate. Read more about Public Key Infrastructure including how to apply.

Claim processing enquiries

For enquiries related to processed claims, late lodgement, outstanding payments or overpayments contact our Department of Veterans' Affairs processing centre.

DVA reason codes

Veterans’ treatment accounts processing uses a series of rejection and payment reason codes that provide information on the assessment of a claim. The codes are accompanied by a brief explanation. Read more about the DVA reason codes.

Registering bank account details

Our payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer. To ensure that you receive payment you will need to register your bank account details with us by completing the Provider registration for Electronic Funds Transfer payments form.

Service provider forms

Self print claim forms and vouchers can be downloaded and used for manual claims. Access forms for service providers on the DVA website.

Overpayment of benefits

Where a provider overpayment of Veterans' Affairs benefits has been identified, recovery action will be undertaken.

An initial recovery letter, explaining the overpayment, will be mailed to you. If a refund has not been received within 30 days of the initial letter a reminder letter will be mailed. Failure to refund an overpayment raised by us will result in the debt being referred to DVA for further action.

To repay an overpayment of benefit via electronic funds transfer, bank account details are:

Account name DHS - Medicare Official Administrated Payments - Veterans' Treatment Benefits
BSB 092 009
Account number 90029-1
Reference DV followed by your provider number

Once the overpayment has been re-paid, a remittance advice must be sent electronically to vaphelp@humanservices.gov.au.

For all enquiries regarding an overpayment contact our Department of Veteran's Affairs processing centre.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

A number of allied health items attract GST. In order for you to claim these items you will need to register for GST with us and enter a Recipient Created Tax Invoice agreement.

Read more about Goods and services tax (GST) - the MBS and PBS. For further information contact our GST section.

Read more information about fee schedules, becoming a DVA service provider and RCTI agreements on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

Coordinated Veterans' Care program

The Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) program is designed to improve the wellbeing and quality of care for chronically ill DVA Gold Card holders.

Read more about the CVC on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

At Ease program

The At Ease program provides a wide range of mental health resources, information and assistance for health providers who may be treating members of the veteran and defence communities. Information for health providers can be found on the DVA At Ease website.

Additional information for doctors

DVA has information for doctors aimed at:

  • newly graduated general practitioners
  • those practising in rural and regional areas
  • International Medical Graduates

It can also be used as a refresher for any GP who treats members of the veteran community. The information provides GPs with a broad overview of DVA and its health services, as well as providing relevant links and contacts for more detailed information.

The DVA information for doctors is available on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.

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