Getting started with digital health

Electronic management of health and health related information. It’s a safer, better quality, more equitable and sustainable health system for all Australians.

Governments across Australia are committed to a national approach for digital health. Digital health is improving the way we plan, manage and deliver health services. Advances in technology have made it possible for us to access, transmit and record health information.

Visit the Australian Digital Health Agency website for more information about digital health initiatives.

Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service

The Healthcare Identifiers Service is a national system that uses a unique number to match healthcare providers to individuals.

To participate in digital health initiatives, you need to apply for a healthcare identifier.

My Health Record system

A My Health Record is an electronic summary of your patient's key health information, drawn from their existing records. With the patient's consent, information can be shared between healthcare providers involved in the patient's care.

A My Health Record can contain information about many aspects of a patient's health care, such as:

  • Medicare and pharmaceutical benefits
  • organ donation details and immunisation records
  • clinical and personal documents

Go to the My Health Record system to find out how to participate.

Practice Incentives Program eHealth incentive

The Practice Incentives Program eHealth incentive aims to encourage general practices to keep up to date with developments in digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available. It also aims to help practices improve administration processes and patient care.

Go to Practice Incentives Program to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply.

Health Professional Online Services

Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) provides secure and convenient online services for health professionals and administrators. You need a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access functions in HPOS.

HPOS makes it possible for you to do a number of digital health functions, such as:

  • maintaining healthcare provider organisation details
  • registering to participate in the My Health Record system
  • creating and maintaining authorisation links for the Healthcare Identifier Service and the My Health Record system
  • searching the Healthcare Identifiers Service Healthcare Provider Directory for other registered healthcare providers' healthcare identifiers

Read more about registering for the My Health Record system using HPOS.

National Authentication Service for Health

National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates ensure the security of access to the My Health Record system.

If you have a healthcare identifier and want to access the My Health Record system as a provider, you also need to apply for a NASH PKI certificate.

Read more about the National Authentication Service for Health and how to apply.

Digital health software

You need software products to participate in and access most digital health initiatives.

For more information about software products that meet national digital health standards and specifications go to the Australian Digital Health Agency website.

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