PBS education for health professionals

Education resources to help prescribe, supply, dispense and claim PBS items.

Education guides

Read these guides to find out what you need to do under the PBS:

eLearning programs

Learn about the PBS:

These programs cover:

  • Australian health care system
  • Medicare program
  • provider and prescriber eligibility
  • overview of the PBS
  • eligibility requirements
  • using the schedule
  • Sections 48,49 and 51
  • Authority items
  • Highly Specialised Drugs
  • Approved and unapproved pharmacies
  • CTG PBS Co-payment Measure
  • Dispensing and supplying
  • Claiming
  • Prescription requirements
  • PBS costs and Safety Net
  • Prescriber bag supplies
  • Prescribing in public hospitals
  • Online PBS Authorities System


Learn about Online PBS Authorities


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